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Matryoshka Purse, Just Arrived!

This is what we call "Buy 1 get 5" . Matryoshka Purse is so a MUST HAVE ITEM Share your Matryoshka Purse with your beloved family and fiends surely will put a smile on their face. Don’t forget to keep one (or some ^^) for yourself too

July 18th, 2010|

New Accessories Collection

Once again we're bringing latest accessories collections for you Babes... Check out our latest accessories collections. Lots of necklaces and bangles to be choose to spice up your outfit.

July 15th, 2010|

Penghargaan Internet Sehat Blog & Content Award (ISBA) 2010 kategori BRONZE

Terasa begitu menyenangkan ketika kerja keras kita dapat dihargai dan diappresiasi oleh orang lain. I could not hold my smile a bit for the rest of the mendapat penghargaan Internet Sehat Blog & Content Award (ISBA) 2010.

July 8th, 2010|